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The Researcher’s Career Development Unit aims to support all facets of a researcher’s career, including training, mentoring, career guidance and human resource management.

We invite you to consult the following contents of interest:

General aspects

  1. The research career begins with the completion of the doctoral thesis. The science law contemplates in its article 21 the regulation of the predoctoral contract. You can consult the law of science in the following link:
    State Regulations (on the website of the Vice-Rectorate for Research)
  1. On April 8, 2022, an informative summary of ROYAL DECREE LAW 8/2022 of April 5 was published in the News section of the Legal Service website.
    These regulations can be found at the following address:
  1. The requirements for the completion of doctoral theses
    General information about pre-registration
    Regulations of the Doctoral School
    E-mail for inquiries:

Predoctoral contract grants

  1. Aid financed by external Spanish institutions
    Grants for research contracts (predoctoral)
    E-mail for queries:
  1. Financed by the internal program:
    Subprogram 1
    Subprogram 2
    E-mail for inquiries:

Industrial Doctorate

  1. Information on the page of the Doctoral School
    E-mail for inquiries:

Mobility aids

  1. Financed by external institutions
    Predoctoral mobility
    Mail for queries:
  1. Funded by internal program
    Research Stays , Information on the Doctoral School website
    E-mail for inquiries:

Publishing aids

  1. Predoctoral grants internal program:
    Grants for open publication to predoctoral researchers

Other contents of interest