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Conference “Towards a new scientific culture” (A1.8.1 HRS4R)


The Conference “Towards a new scientific culture” is part of the Citizen Science Project, an initiative of the Vice-Rectorate for Art, Science, Technology and Society in collaboration with the Scientific Communication and Innovation Unit of the Universitat Politècnica de València, to encourage citizen participation in the processes of scientific research and technological innovation.

The Conference seeks to promote responsible research in the university community, in line with the principles of RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation): scientific education, gender equality, open access, governance, ethics and citizen participation. From the university institution it is essential to promote, formalize, structure and internalize these principles, so that the individual efforts of researchers manage to transform society and face the great challenges.

This event is part of Action 1 of the UPV’s HRS4R Action Plan: Program for better dissemination, exploitation and science outreach. Specifically, activity A1.8.1 Monitor civil society institutions interested in science outreach.


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