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Orientation Day for Young Researchers

On the 17th of February, at 9:30 am, the Orientation Day for Young Researchers organized by the MANTRED Research Network will take place.

MANTRED is a Research Network funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and is made up of researchers from nine Spanish universities.

The aim of this conference is to support the youngest researchers, and for this purpose, various kinds of presentations have been organized, including aspects such as: the creation of research groups from scratch, transfering through spin-offs, the promotion of teaching staff , the AEI support programs for young researchers, and research-transfer through university-business chairs.

A round table has also been organized with young researchers, including beneficiaries of grants from the European Research Council (ERC), Margarita Salas, Juan de la Cierva and Marie Curie.

This conference is transversal in nature and suitable for young researchers from any area.

Access is free and through the link: